Meditation and Driving

MeditationModern life is full of stress and anxiety.  It’s no wonder that many people seek out ways to bring calm and quiet into their lives. Meditation provides an opportunity for clearing the mind of daily troubles and distractions to achieve mindfulness, focus, or true silence and relaxation.  The problem is finding time in a jam-packed day to devote to meditation.  Some people are turning to their daily commute as an opportune time for meditation.

Meditating and driving may seem initially to be at cross-purposes.  There are plenty of stories out there about people who were carried away by meditative music that they crashed into another car while driving. … Read the rest

Keeping Calm in Financial Crisis

The 2008 stock market crash affected the global economy. Financial companies and banks worldwide experienced significant losses. Companies in almost every sector were affected as investors reduced direct investments and people spent less. The collapse also brought about a series of job losses that ultimately affected the real estate and consumer durable markets.

dow averageAside from a plunging stock value, a range of financial problems can put a company in crisis. Rising operating costs for fuel, utilities and materials continue to threaten business competitiveness. Companies that were involved in illegal activities can incur significant legal costs paying for lawyers, fines or settlement agreements.… Read the rest

Performance Enhancing Drugs and Racing

In any stressful environment where people are expected and nearly forced towards high goals, substance abuse is a big problem.  There is a reason lawyers, by profession, have one of the highest rates of substance abuse, and professional athletes get caught with drugs all the time.  When the pressure is on, some people like to take something that can take the edge off, or give them a little extra reaction time or endurance.  It’s true for professional sports, and it is certainly true for auto racing.

DUI and DWI take on a whole different meaning in the world of competitive racing. … Read the rest

Higher Power in AA

In all addiction recovery programs, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), Gamblers Anonymous (GA), Over-eaters Anonymous (OA), the higher power is perhaps the most important aspect of the recovery program.

The first three steps of the Alcoholics Anonymous program read as follows.

  1. We admitted we were powerless over alcohol – that our lives had become unmanageable.
  2. Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.
  3. Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.

Narcotics Anonymous and Gamblers Anonymous use similar language, but substitute “drugs” and “gambling” for “alcohol.” A higher power can be almost anything: it can be a traditional “God” figure, it be an addict’s sponsor, it can be the meetings that an alcoholic attends, or the addict’s family… the only requirement is that it be greater than the addict by him or herself.… Read the rest

Meditation Used at M.D. Anderson to Help Cancer Patients

Alejandro Chaoul left Argentina in 1996 to come to America and study religion at Rice University.   As with most great journeys, Chaoul’s path took an unexpected turn.

One day, Chaoul accompanied his father to the world renowned University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center (located in Houston, Texas).  That’s where he met the brave souls fighting cancer as well as the angelic health professionals providing them care and support.  It was as if Chaoul found his calling.

Wanting to help everyone suffering from cancer not just his father, Chaoul asked the hospital if he could teach a class in mediation. … Read the rest

Spiritual Approaches to Healing


The connection between the body and the mind is one that has been argued and considered for a very long time.  The ancient Greek philosophers considered it as one of the fundamental questions in the nature of the human character.  When it comes up again, making its way from the recesses of deep philosophy into mainstream thought, people tend to circle through the same arguments that have been circulating for centuries.  So when there are discussions about the mind in regards to healing, there are always plentiful resources available for fodder for good conversations.


This means that whenever people are discussing health topics, the question of spiritual approach invites a wide spectrum of beliefs and opinions. … Read the rest

Enlightenment for Free


It is necessary to get away from everything every once in awhile.  This is the basis of the idea of the vacation, where, for at least two weeks out of the year, people who work mainstream jobs get to spend time getting rest and perspective.  Rest and perspective certainly do go hand in hand, and that goes for anyone, regardless of the kind of work.  But when it comes to lifestyles that don’t necessarily accommodate the vacation schedule others might have, there are options.


For anyone, in any kind of work or not, meditation is a key.  It’s a key that opens up the same kinds of doors that a vacation can, and the good news is that one won’t have to borrow a lot of money to do it. … Read the rest

How an Alcohol Treatment Center Could Help You

There are several ways that an alcohol treatment center can help you get your life back, get sober and stay sober. Through different stages of getting your sobriety back, you may find yourself in need of a treatment center.


If you have been drinking heavily and regularly for some time, stopping cold turkey can take an extreme toll on your mind and your body. The detox process can be very trying and dangerous. By entering a treatment center you will be monitored closely during your detox, with qualified staff making sure that you are okay and that you get all the support that you require, including medical help if needed.… Read the rest

When Buddhism Meets Physics

The revelation that the perceiver affects the perceived was a notion that turned the physical universe into something entirely other, at least in terms of how the thinkers of their time were perceiving that universe. If the one who is seeing is also affecting the thing they are looking at, then there is no objective point from which to measure anything. All measurements are subject to closer examination, and every closer examination will continue to affect the phenomenon. This seems to suggest that everything is dependent on everything, and that there are no subjects, no objects, and no moments that can exist on their own.… Read the rest

Meditating in Calgary

Meditation in a cold place is an experience that is impossible to replicate anywhere else.  Of course, in the bigger sense, everything that is, is right now and right here.  But anyone who’s lived in warm places and cold places has had the experience that only the cold can provide.

Calgary does have its temperate seasons, and there are some rather gorgeous days even in the middle of winter.  It’s rare, however, that someone new will move to town solely because of the weather.  People come to find an apartment, perhaps using a real estate company like Starlight Investments Ltd.Read the rest